Standard P.T.A.C Units

The new GE 4100 and 6100 commercial air conditioner series has taken energy efficiency to a whole new level. In fact, it is the most efficient package terminal air conditioner line in the industry.

Ray Mac

Exceptional Efficiency

The most energy-efficient product line in the industry reduces operating costs, directly impacting your bottom line. Better efficiency is achieved with "L"-shaped coils which provide 20% more surface area.

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Greater Guest Comfort

GE's commercial air conditioners are designed to keep guests happy by providing comfortable, quiet cooling and heating in every season. A super-seal weather barrier and two permanently lubricated fan motors provide quieter operation.

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Proven Reliability

Exceptional quality ensures reliable performance year after year. Two interchangeable upfront filters, easy to remove and re-install, may be cleaned without opening or removing the room side cabinet.

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Nationwide Factory Service

Easy serviceability controls labor costs. GE factory service is located in all major metropolitan areas. Non-metro areas are serviced by an extensive customer care network backed by GE's comprehensive technical support.